This just in: Another quick video demo of the Duality20 by our good FOE, Frankie G. Nice Frankie!!

Well, the accolades just seem to keep coming, and we here at EAST Amplification are certainly grateful. Here's another one from Mike Hamilton of Mission Road Studio:

Finally someone builds an amp for Geminis!
East Amplification Duality Series

One of the great benefits of having been in the music business for so many years is that I have been extremely fortunate to meet many great musicians and instrument and equipment builders, many of which I am proud to call my friend. Jeff Bober is one of those people.

While I was recording Sotano’s album “Bad Spanish” at Mission Road Studio, we fried some amps and Jeff, on a very short notice, brought over a couple of his East amps to get us through the project. Needless to say we were all completely blown away by what we heard. As a result I purchased a “Club 18” and vertical 1x10/1x12 cabinet and incorporated them into my stereo amp set up along with a Red Plate Magica Amp and 2X12 cabinet.

I thought I was set until Jeff finished his design of the new East “Duality Series” amp. I asked him to bring a “Duality” 30 watt over to the studio to test drive it. The minute I plugged in my guitar I was blown away and after 10 minutes I pre-ordered one. I love the looks, intuitive lay-out and most importantly the variety of sounds you can get out of it.


Hello FOE's. The comments about the new Duality Series just keep coming. Here's another from a customer named Daniel. Thanks Daniel for taking the time to share your experience. 

I bought a Duality40 Head and a 2x10 cab from Ryan Fowler's Guitar Experience. I'm loving the amp! Super versatile and very unique with the BoberFET switch. I haven't plugged into my Dr Z, my Boogie, my THD Univalve or my other Marshalls since I brought home the 40 other than to compare... and there is no comparison. This is my first amp with a 6V6 power section. Awesome. All of the controls are very dynamic. The tone controls interact well with each other and I haven't been able to find a bad sound yet. I haven't owned another amp that has so much usable midrange control. I love the way the Volume 1 and Drive interact with the tone controls also. I've been setting the Dirty Channel with the drive about 11o’clock and the Volume about 3 o’clock plus and getting a mean growl that sounds like no other amp I’ve played. Very heavy without being harsh and very pleasant to hear. Back off a little bit with my pick and it cleans up beautifully without adjusting my guitar’s volume. When I do crank up the gain it sings. The amp is very touch dynamic and reacts to how hard I dig in perfectly at all settings. I have several different types of guitars and each sounds fantastic and each guitar shines through with its own tonality of what it is. Your amp lets each guitar with singles, MFD’s, hums, P90’s work as it should and enhances the tone instead of walking all over it… if that makes sense. I just picked up some new recording gear (still learning- new Mac, Logic Pro X, Universal Audio interface) and have been recording with the 40 through a Rivera RockCrusher Recording model. And as expected from clean to dirt to mean to high gain the Duality 40 spits out the “tones” I’ve been searching for for 35 years.  You really have a great line up with lots of personalty in the Duality Series. A winner in every category. And lastly, the carbon fiber type tolex with the white plexiglass and blue grille clothe and knobs have an OUTSTANDING look! Best looking amps available IMO. My wife never took notice to the music store worth of equipment I have in the house until she saw the Duality and the two cabs. Only time she ever gave one of my amps a “wow, that’s nice”. You’re the man Jeff! I can’t see how anyone, in any genre of music could play one of the Duality amps and not be blown away.


Hello FOEs. We hope 2017 is a Fantastic year for you all. If you're looking for a new rig in the new year, don't forget to remember to check out the new EAST Duality Series. Here's a link to our YouTube page where you can see some of the new "In the Style Of" videos highlighting the flexibility of the Duality Series. We hope you Enjoy these, as there's more to come.…/UCTZXe7qSOABZZSosWEmqeZg/videos

A Long Time Friend get's his new Duality30:   "The amp is freaking incredible! It is truly a different beast then anything you have made least that I have played. I love the 2 channels and the FET boost is a killer feature and gives so much flexibility. I absolutely needed to try recording this rig, so I figured I may as well throw together a short Duailty trailer style video with a tune I wrote to showcase a few different tones the amp does so well. The intro tone is the clean channel with the FET boost cranked full... LOVE that tone. The heavy stuff is the dirt channel with volume and gain almost full. The middle section is the clean channel with no FET. " 

Thanks Jason!! You can find Jason's video on the "Buzz" page or on our Facebook page. Enjoy!!


More Happy Guitarist news: Now this is what an amp with your name on it is supposed to sound like! Killer right out of the box! Totally smooth transitions of gain and volume levels. It even likes all my fuzz pedals! I've only had an hour or so with it today, but this amp (Duality40) is everything I wanted it to be. I'll be on it all day tomorrow.

Thanks Jeff,

Damon E

P.S. Do tell about the new wah when you can.

Another recent convert:  The Duality30 is really fantastic. The A/B/E voicings, multiple gain stages and FET boost give it so much personality. I played through it using a G&L with P90's, a PRS Vela, PRS Custom 24 and a '62 AVRI Strat. Each of the guitars sang beautifully and distinctly. The single coil pickup tones were my favorite, but the firm growl of the P90's were a very close second and the 30 watt head was surprisingly loud through the 2x10 cab. Thank you SO MUCH for coordinating a demo for me. This is an amp that needs to be heard to be believed. I've become a big fan. I'll be placing an order soon.

Mark C.

Some new experiences: Here's a couple new quotes we thought were too good not to share! They were sent to us by some of the first owners of the new Duality Series amps. :

Frankie G (Duality20 1x12 NYM combo): "Duality plus pedal steel equals Robert Randolph!!"

Michael S (Duality20 2x10 combo): "Dear Jeff, I usually play a two-amp setup for most of my gigs; your new Duality and a stereo (5w per side) amp with a 2x12 cab.  Last weekend, I had a TINY gig that had no room for the 2x12 - only room for the 2x10 Duality.  The Duality was sweet and spanky on the clean, and a fire-breathing monster on all the dirt stuff that I needed, with headroom enough to pop out for solos or single note parts.  Sweet.  Then, I had a jazz gig during the week; I took the Duality with a hollow body….Jeff, I didn’t tweak ONE knob on the amp, backed the guitar tone knob down a bit and did the whole jazz session with the Duality.  Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Wow.  Thanks."

I continue to be surprised at what this amp can do and I'm honored that players take the time to let us know. Thank you all for your continued support. Now continue to make your joyful noise and Enjoy!!  Jeff Bober


Hot off the Presses:  EAST Amplification was just awarded Editors Pick by Premier Guitar for the new Duality Series at Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville! Check out the BUZZ page for our 2016 Summer NAMM video. 

This just in from Ryan Fowler of Ryan Fowler's Guitar Experience, Baltimore MD. regarding his first encounter with the Duality20:

"WOW! I figured it would sound good because all your amps sound good, but this is your best work. The Clean and the Drive somehow share one eq, but are super easy to dial in. You really outdid yourself man. I can't imagine any guitar player not liking this amp. This will be my next guitar amp without a doubt. It's been a long time since I played a new amp that I liked that much."

The series is available in a 20 & 30 watt version (EL84's), a 40 watt version (4-6V6's) and a 50 watt version (KT66's). All models are available as Heads, or as 1x10, 1x12 and 2x10 combos, depending on output power. Two foot-switchable channels, Clean and "BoberDrive", each with Gain, Volume and Master controls, a foot-switchable "BoberFET" gain boost with level control and a 3 position "ABE" voice switch with American, British and EAST voicing. There's also, of course, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls. Rear panel has two speaker outputs, 4-8-16 ohm impedance selector, a series effects loop and foot switch jack.  

Now available for order!

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